Hey Dudes! I will be calling in to Q101.1’s successful Crash Test Radio on June, Friday the 13th at 11pm (CST). I’ll be discussing the Ask the Dude advice column, as well DARKEST HOUR’s upcoming US tour supporting the reunited AT THE GATES.

“Crash Test Radio has been featuring metal and hardcore every Friday night and was thrilled at the idea of having Mike call into the program. Crash Test Radio airs at 11pm (CST) on 101.1FM in Chicago and streams live online worldwide at Listen to this interview on Q101.1’s blog!

One Response to Ask the Dude ON Q101.1’s CRASH TEST RADIO IN CHICAGO

  1. Silvi says:

    Hey! I discovered “Ask the dude” a few weeks ago and have been following the posts since then. I wanted to comment about finding it a very useful place for musicians and in general, for people related to music activities. I have a small rock show production group and I manage a local band in my city (Cuenca, Ecuador) so my blog contains many articles on rock and music business. I wrote a post about your column and offered to translate some articles into spanish for people who might be interested. I hope that would be ok 🙂
    Congrats again on this great place and of course, on Darkest Hour’s work; you have become one of my favourite bands of all time.

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