Dear Dude,

Recently our singer, who was a good friend to us and even a better singer, left our band. I am interested, would it be better if someone of the remaining band members took the roll as the singer (lets say guitar player, me) even if there is a possibility that it could sound bad, or we should look for a new singer, another person who we should teach the songs, our routine and other habits of the band?

Also, do you have any experience with singing and playing the guitar, and if needed would you be able to take Johns roll as a singer incase he leaves the band?



Dear Singer-Less,

Replacing band members is hard as I have stated many times, but man, replacing a singer, that’s real hard. Especially when it comes to death metal or really any kind of metal. So much of the bands personality in this genre is caught up in the sound of the singers voice. Let me get this off my chest. I cant sing. Nope, man I can riff a fucking guitar, stumble on a drum set, and fake it on the keyboards but singing is hard and death metal singing is a lot harder then your mom thinks! So to answer your second question first, no, there is no way that I could take John’s (singer of darkest hour) place or roll in DH. It would absolutely be a different band and to be honest a much, much worse band at that. What’s the best thing to do when faced with this situation? Should you replace him or her with someone new or keep it in the family?

When faced with a leaving member of any kind, but especially a singer, its important to do inventory of your band. Who is left? Who can actually sing? Unless you’re going to pull off some crazy shit live I don’t think it’s a good idea to make it your drummer. So then your back to the string section. I don’t have very much experience with actually playing and singing but I have worked with many guitarist and bands that have singer/guitarists. Its hard and it’s a talent but it can be done. My suggestion is that if this doesn’t come natural, and especially if there is a possibility that it could sound bad, don’t replace your singer with a current member. Only do this if you feel the band will sound as good or better. Otherwise its time to look outside for a new voice.

Now it doesn’t mean you have to change the name of the band. Even some famous bands have gone through lead singer changes and survived. Although you will always get those fans that will pick a signer. I would ask yourself how invested in the band name or band you are really. Because a leaving singer is a really good chance to get a new beginning. Chances are your band is probably small enough that changing a singer at this point won’t matter to anyone and if you can find someone out there who is better or at least as good as your last singer then it’s worth it to soldier on.

Its when faced with obsticles like this that I call on the powers of the almighty AC/DC. When faced with a traumatic lead singer change they figured out a way to carry on. And when you’re already world famous its much harder to bounce back from a singer change. ACDC did and Back in Black was born! My point is its not the end of the world. As much as lead singers think they rule the world you can go on without them. Just don’t forget there is a reason the word ‘LEAD’ is in front of ‘singer’. Its to remind you they’re the voice of the whole band, so respect that and you should have no problem surviving. 

The Dude


2 Responses to Singer-Less

  1. Pig Champ says:

    In case you have somebody in the band who can actually sing but cannot play guitar AND sing at the same time, then let him sing and look for a new guitar player.

    I think it’s a more natural situation for the fans (maybe for the band itself too) if the lead singer “comes from the family”. I would say a lot of people/fans cannot recognize differences in the guitar playing while usually everybody can point out a new voice.

  2. Aiden says:

    I know a band that’s gone through about four different singers (as well as three guitar players) in the past year and a half and they still have all the same fans. If your fans are dedicated to the band, bringing in a new singer might not be a bad idea.

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