The Dude’s Live Rig

Dear Dude,

Is there any place I can find info on the gear you guys use? I was at the last London gig you played and noticed you had a rack setup under your 5150.. if it isn’t any hassle can you please tell me what you go through etc, pedals and stuff… and what les paul you use?

Damn awesome show by the way!!

Cheers in advance

From the UK

Dear UK,

Only a musician can spot those kind of details but yeah, at that show I did have a 5150 and a small rack (Wireless and Noise Suppressor).

Before I get into my current set up let me just say that the 5150 is my safety amp. Whenever I travel abroad its usually the easiest and safest amp to bring. It always sounds pretty good, but most importantly it always sounds the same. There are tons of amps that I prefer in general but there are none that are more consistant and reliable. If you own a 5150 I suggest making sure you look at the last time it was retubed. I have found that replacing the stock power tubes in a 5150 makes a HUGE difference in the overall sound. I always replace the power tubes whenever I go overseas and use a rented amp. Fresh powertubes can make all the difference.

My current live set up is as follows from Guitar to Speaker:

Guitar > Senhieser G(2) Wireless > Zack Wylde signature Dunlop Wah > Turbo Ratt > DigiTech Whammy Pedal > Boss Tuner > MXR EVH Phaser > MXR EVH Flanger > Dunlap Little JR Volume Pedal > Line 6 Delay > Decimator Pro G Noise Suppressor > (2) Randall RH 100 Heads > (2) Randall RH 100 Guitar Cabs with Green Back Speakers.

I also run in a separate chain an old Alesis Quadraverb. It’s an effects processor from the 90’s, but I have also run a boss DD6 Delay pedal there too. Effects through the effects loop sound much different then through the front of the guitar chain, so I use a little bit of delay here on all my leads and basically any part you want to sound beefed up or filled out.

As far as guitars, I have used every type of Les Paul. I usually prefer the customs but have fallen in love with a Les Paul Gold Top. Its funny because its way newer and totally not vintage, like my other guitars, but a guitar just speaks sometime. It doesn’t have to be expensive or super vintage you just have to love it.

I have also used Dean, Washburn, ESP, and Gibson: Explorers, V’s, RD Artists, and shit I am sure there are a few I forgot. Oh yeah I once had a guitar shaped like a machine gun! Anyway, my new favorite is a few of the Washburn Idols. You will see me playing them live now. They sound as sick as the Les Pauls, no lie but also stay in tune way better. No one is going to believe that those guitars play and sound as good as the Pauls but all I have to say is pick up one of those guitars up and it will speak for itself.

That’s the basic breakdown if you want a full run down on my thoughts on most of this gear then check out the reviews section.

The Dude


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